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School Parties and Fundraisers


Private Parties


Two great packages available

Both of our school party packages include a full staff to attend to your guests. We can also make pre-sale tickets (Package A only) and flyers for you to help publicize your event. (Please note that skate rental is not included.)

We also have after-school enrichment programs, which includes a hour of free skating time with a half-hour skating lesson, taught by a certified instructor. We also have an achievement test program that is a great way for skaters to monitor their progress.


Package A

  • Your upfront cost is $300
  • You set the admission price
  • You can sell tickets in advance
  • If you schedule five parties with us, your sixth one is free!


Package B

  • No upfront cost to you
  • The rink will keep the first 100 paid admissions (at $3.25 each)
  • You will receive 80% of paid admissions (after the first 100)


Contact Us

For more information about our school packages or to schedule your party, contact us today!


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Open Public Sessions

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All rink rules must be followed. No food or drinks may be brought in. No gum chewing, no smoking. All personal items must be put in lockers. We are not responsible for lost or unattended items. In this facility you strictly skate and play at your own risk.

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